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About TIER


Love how you live with hassle-free flooring. TIER indoor flooring offers charming natural aesthetics without the drawbacks of traditional wood flooring. TIER technology provides greater protection against moisture, scratches and stains than other indoor flooring products.

Enjoy the aesthetics of wood thanks to the specialised embossed wear layer of TIER, and the durability, scuff resistance and eco-conscious engineering of a product that far outperforms other indoor flooring.

TIER makes your life and you home simpler, greener and more beautiful.

Choose quality alternatives to timber
that improve your lifestyle and the environment.

TIER is setting the benchmark for eco flooring and green manufacturing processes. TIER high performance products are created using solar energy and are an ultra-low maintenance, water resistant alternative to timber. With TIER indoor flooring you make a positive impact on your home and the Earth.


TIER flooring is made from a reliable and rigid Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) core
for added strength and longevity. The core layer is an innovative material which can be machined to exact standards, making for easy installation. The result is robust edges which will not wear away against each other or deform over time.


Installing TIER slip groove flooring is quick and easy thanks to the simplified click
installation system that creates a watertight, seamless finish. For details, download the care and installation guides here.

TIER flooring is expertly engineered to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your indoor space. With TIER, your flooring can be both practical and elegant.

TIER is available in convenient tongue-and-groove “click” profiles. The click system TIER profile allows you to easily slide and click boards into one another to create a secure, continuous installation surface. This rigid, floating system allows for quick and easy installation and comes standard with a pre-applied IXPE underlay backing.


TIER luxury flooring provides the beauty of wood in a Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) that is heat resistant, making it stable and ensuring no movement over time. Its water resistant click installation system prevents moisture ingress and the IXPE underlayer ensures sound suppression and a softer feeling underfoot. TIER is the cleaner, safer flooring option thanks to its VOC free manufacturing and natural antimicrobial features. TIER elevates the functionality and style of your indoor space.


Learn more about how TIER can improve your home and lifestyle with long-lasting, quality flooring. TIER improves the way you spend your free time with its low-maintenance features; improves your budget with its longevity; improves your health the absence of harmful chemicals and VOCs; and improves your environment with its solar-powered production.


The core layer can tolerate temperatures of up to 70°C without adverse effects. This means that when one part of your floor is exposed to direct sunlight and the other part is in shade, the areas behave similarly. The benefit to you is that you will not see warping, bending or buckling – even in sunny areas.


The materials which make up the layers of TIER flooring are each highly resistant to moisture absorption. The stability of TIER flooring means the click joint system forms a snug, watertight fit. The benefit to you is that TIER flooring will not allow a spill to penetrate beneath your flooring and will not absorb water, swell, or buckle.


The mineral component of the core stabilises it. It will not change shape or size under different temperature and moisture conditions, and it will not react with typical household chemicals. The benefit to you is that TIER flooring is safe in your home. This stability allows you to install TIER flooring without expansion gaps on areas up to 200 m², even between adjacent rooms.


The composite layers of TIER flooring give it unusually high sound reduction for all types of noise. The vinyl outer layer is soft under impact such as hard shoes. The dense rigid core resists received sound such as conversation or loudspeakers. The foam underlay suppresses the transmission of sound into the building. Most materials are unsuitable for extensive sound suppression. TIER flooring is an unusual combination of materials which reduces noise in the room and sound transferred to the structure.


The core composite layer is machined to exact standards. The stability of this composite means that the shape and size of these precise parts remains consistent. The benefit to you is that TIER flooring is easy to install. The edges will not wear away against each other or deform over time.


The foamed underlay of the TIER indoor floorboard is coated using an antimicrobial additive. This inhibits the growth of a wide range of microorganisms. The benefit to you is a fresh, clean, and protective floor.


The core is a mineral-vinyl composite which uses no glues. It will therefore not emit VOCs into your home or office. When adding the foamed base and the surface wear layer, we strictly use only VOC free adhesives. The benefit to you is comfort in knowing that TIER flooring brings none of these dangerous chemicals into your home and work environments.