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TIER™ rigid core indoor flooring was developed to push the boundaries of what was possible and shake up the status quo of synthetic flooring. We recognised that our customers deserved an indoor flooring that was high functioning, low maintenance, beautiful and easy on the environment. We believed we could rise to the challenge of creating such an innovative product line that would rival the very best vinyl and laminate products on the market. And we did. In fact, we have exceeded all expectations. TIER™ is a benchmark artificial wood-flooring product, offering greater moisture and stain resistance- than yesterday’s world ever thought possible. The feedback we have received from you, our customers, proves that we have accomplished our goal.

  • Rigid
  • Heat resistant
  • Stable
  • Water resistant
  • Click installation
  • VOC free
  • Floor or wall
  • Antimicrobial

TIER™ flooring offers long-lasting durability and top design to make for a better looking, better living environment.


TIER™ has become a star product line of Eva-Last® and a product of market demand. Eva-Last® has been a pioneer in developing eco-friendly building materials and premium composite decking materials that are all highly durable, low-maintenance and respect our fragile environment. Having over a decade of experience in the field of extrusion and product engineering, Eva-Last® adapted the technique to develop a revolutionary extruded stone plastic composite (SPC) core floorboard.

Eva-Last® was founded in the belief that well designed luxury materials can outperform traditional timber and help to preserve the environment. TIER™ indoor flooring proves we can.

Eva-Last® is in the unique position of being involved in all stages of production and distribution of our composite decking and engineered indoor flooring. As a result, we are able to offer our customers practical and technical knowledge as well as design and installation recommendations. We can also achieve lower carbon emissions by now manufacturing using solar power.


TIER™ is designed to be good to you - and the environment. From the solar powered manufacturing plant where it’s made, to its long-term performance that requires no harmful chemicals, TIER™ is made with the Earth in mind. Read more about the processes that go into creating eco-conscious indoor flooring and about how we help to preserve our natural resources.


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