It doesn’t take much to keep your TIER™ floor looking beautiful. To clean TIER™ indoor flooring you just need common household items like a broom, mop and a bit of regular dish soap. Watch to see the simple steps you can take to preserve the integrity of your TIER™ products.


The right cleaning supplies will make caring for your floor easy.
Tier Flooring

Broom and dust pan

Use a soft broom or brush and dust pan to keep your floor clean of dirt and debris. Built up dirt on your floor can result in scratching and poor performance over time.

Tier Flooring

Cleaning agent

Regular dish soap can be used to clean your TIER™ flooring. Mix with water and apply with a soft cloth to wash out stains. Dry the washed area afterwards.

Tier Flooring

Mop or cloth and soapy water

For stuborn stains and liquid spils, use a cloth or kitchen rag to soak up as quick as possible. Mop your floors regularly for the best results.


Now that you have TIER™ flooring, you want to keep it looking and performing its best. Good thing for you, TIER™ is a low-maintenance product so you have no need to worry about ever refinishing or restoring your floor as you would with hardwood or timber flooring.

In fact, if you follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts below, your TIER™ floor could last you a lifetime.


Consider the following to maximise the performance and appearance of your TIER™ flooring:


  • Do keep your furniture on felt pads to avoid scratches if they’re moved across the floor. Even scratch resistant materials like TIER™ can be bruised by heavy objects.

  • Do consider all materials that you put on top of your TIER™ products. Even temporary materials, such as plywood for moving in furniture, has the potential to scuff and scratch.

  • Do use a soft cloth or a nylon bristle brush to get stains off of your TIER™ floors. Use a small amount of regular dish soap on extra stubborn spots.

  • Do factor in traffic. Areas of high foot traffic are naturally more prone to wear over time. Protect your TIER™ flooring by keeping these areas especially clear of dirt and debris.

  • Do ditch the heels. High heels and other sharp objects may damage TIER™ flooring.


  • Don’t trust that furniture on rollers won’t scuff your floor. Take care in moving all furniture over TIER™ flooring. Lift rather than roll. Carry rather than drag.

  • Don’t leave spills. Wipe up liquids and sweep away debris as soon as possible to keep TIER™ looking good. Take flooding seriously as severe flooding can cause water damage. In the event of a flood, the surface beneath your TIER™ flooring may need to be thoroughly dried and your TIER™ floorboards reinstalled.

  • Don’t use a knife or an abrasive cleaner to scrub away stains. The top wear layer of TIER™ could be damaged.

  • Don’t polish or wax. These and other cleaning chemicals are unnecessary – and potentially damaging – to TIER™.

  • Don’t hesitate to contact a TIER™ professional for specific questions or concerns.


Find out more about TIER™ indoor flooring with our helpful videos, information centre and warranty registration.

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