TIER™ indoor flooring is safe for you and your family, whilst also kind to the environment. Here at TIER™ we pledge to take a stand against global warming and deforestation through innovative designs and production methods.


Tier Flooring

Free of dangerous chemicals

The CarbideCore™ layer in TIER™ is a new material which uses no adhesives during production. It is a composite of powdered minerals and vinyl that will not emit dangerous chemicals (VOCs) into your home or office.

TIER™ utilises a revolutionary bonding system to attach each unique layer of the flooring, such as the foamed base and surface wear layer. This bonding system works without VOCs or other harmful chemicals, keeping your home or office a bit cleaner and safer.

Antimicrobial protection

TIER™ indoor flooring offers an IXPE foam underlay that is coated using an antimicrobial spray. This underlying coat inhibits the growth of a wide range of microorganisms, including various bacteria, fungi, protozoan and viruses. This can help alleviate allergies and create a thoroughly clean environment for your family.


FloorScore® is the world’s top accreditor for indoor air quality (IAQ) for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayments. TIER™ indoor flooring has been recognised and accredited by FloorScore® for its superior IAQ. With TIER™ you know your home flooring is as clean and safe as possible.

Tier Flooring


Tier Flooring

Not a single tree felled

While TIER™ indoor flooring offers you the look of natural timber, it preserves trees rather than fells them. TIER™ is created using a stone plastic composite (SPC) that does not require wood. You can enjoy the range of colours and patterns that make hardwood flooring attractive while protecting our natural resources. TIER™ offers an eco-alternative that looks great, functions great and keeps trees where they belong – planted.

Created with solar energy

We at Eva-Last® Distributors, the manufacturers of TIER™, are dedicated to making the world a bit greener. In addition to creating an environmentally-friendly product we wanted to do it in an eco-conscious way.

In 2017 in the pursuit of true sustainability, Eva-Last® Distributors proudly made the decision to take all production off-grid and run completely on solar energy. This allows TIER™ to further decrease its carbon footprint by cutting out non-renewable energy resources and replacing them with clean and sustainable solar power.

We aim to run on 100% solar energy by the end of 2020.


Join us in helping to preserve our precious natural resources. Choosing environmentally friendly products is a step in the right direction towards protecting our planet.

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