Whether you are remodeling your home, office space or investing in a commercial project, you may be surprised at how cost-effective TIER™ flooring can be. Not only are you investing in functional and fabulous looking flooring, you’re also be investing in the long-term with flooring that will last for years to come. TIER™ indoor flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and can endure high foot traffic – plus it’s moisture resistant and has UV protection.


Before beginning your TIER™ indoor flooring project, consider these factors which may affect the your total project cost:
Size and shape – The size and shape of a room will influence the overall cost. A larger space will require more flooring and, thus, cost more. A uniquely shaped room, corridor, hall or staircase will increase the amount of cuts and trim needed to lay the floorboards, also adding to the total project price.

Tools – If you plan to install your TIER™ indoor flooring yourself, it is essential to have the right tools. This means you may have to invest in a few installation tools to make the application easier and warranty-compatible. Please read our installation guide before deciding whether to install by yourself or to go with a professional.

Installation – Although many of our products are DIY friendly, you may choose to hire a professional installer. Be sure to get an installation quote from them before beginning the project to further hone your project cost estimate. Installers usually charge based on the area of installation by a per square meter (or foot)rate. The price per square meter may increase depending on the complexity of the job. Projects that include stairs, small tight spaces, or accommodating plumbing or electrical features will require additional trimming and cutting to fit the space. Be prepared to pay more to compensate for the extra time involved.

Installation surface –TIER™ flooring requires a flat, dry surface for proper installation. If the surface of your project does not meet these requirements, you will need to modify it – and incur any associated costs.

Product type – TIER™ offers a wide variety of product ranges for different applications and styles. Each range has its own unique benefits – and different price points. Please visit our product page to find the best product for your project and budget.

As always, feel free to contact a TIER™ indoor flooring expert directly for further help determining your project cost estimate.

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