Eclectic is a word that emboldens creativity, but also enables the undecided. “Eclectic style” can all too often be the cover up term for putting whatever, where ever in your home. The chair from Gram next to the lamp from your brother’s ex-girlfriend on the table from your husband’s cousin…yeah, that can be eclectic.

But eclectic can also be invitation to make a formerly haphazard room something more intentional. Use our style tips below to help find your eclectic footing.


Find your “starting piece”

Bringing purpose to eclectic style often starts with one inspiration piece. Choosing an object with sentimental value will give your entire redecorating a more personal touch. Whether it’s a piece of furniture, artwork or trinket, your “starting piece” should have colour; the colour you want carried around the room. Subtly.

Colour strategically

Avoid the temptation to overdue this signature colour by using the rule of four. In a standard sized room, your accent colour of choice should be repeated about four times, depending on the size of the pieces featuring the colour. If your “starting piece” features, say, a red bird, repeat red with a throw pillow, a vase, a set of candles and maybe a striped rug. The colour should be repeated in small ways, rather than obnoxiously.

Consider cost

Tie your room together on the cheap. Remember the rule of four? Well, make those four colour pops from inexpensive items. This allows you to use furniture you already have (and avoid having to spend too much) by creating cohesion with smaller accent pieces – that still complement your starting piece. As an added bonus, you can alter the look of the room for holidays or just because by switching out these accent pieces for different colours or patterns.

Keep your feet on the ground

Floors and ceilings are opportunities to offset the busyness of an eclectic room. Since eclectic style generally involves many different shapes and sizes in furnishings, simple ceilings and indoor flooring give your eye a much-needed break. Consider wood or engineered indoor flooring that provide clean lines between boards, rather than patterned tile or overly colourful carpet. A smaller sized rug on top of your floorboards can add a more manageable pop of texture if you choose, and pull the look together.

Cut the clutter

Perhaps the most common pitfall of eclectic style is the temptation to throw it all out there. Cluttered is not a style. Restricting the number of trinkets and treasures you have on display allows each one to actually be seen and appreciated. If your collections are just too special to discard, consider grouping them for impact or rotating what’s atop your mantle and on your shelves.

Eclectic style encourages you to use what you have and have fun with what you use.

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