TIER™ engineered indoor flooring is built to last. It is designed to withstand the test of time with durability and grace. Proper floor installation is key to maximising the life of your TIER™ flooring product. Understanding how to prepare for and install TIER™ is vital its long-term performance. Find out everything you need to know to make your TIER™ installation go smoothly.


Engineered indoor flooring is a fast-growing piece of the total flooring market. The low-maintenance and waterproof features offered by TIER™ are appealing to homeowners like you who prefer to enjoy their home rather than constantly maintain it with harmful chemicals. Read on to learn more on how to install your new TIER™ floor correctly.

In addition to the installation guidelines listed above, ensure that you know and follow all local building codes and regulations. Installation of TIER™ is subject to the correct procedures, recommendations, limitations, disclaimers and exclusions mentioned in the full print installation guide.

Tier Flooring


TIER™ installation requires only a few basic tools. Be sure to always wear safety gear when installing flooring or working on other large home renovation projects.

  • Levels and measuring tape

    Spirit level or laser level and measuring tape

  • T-square and pencil

    T-square, set-square and pencil to mark

  • Woodcutting tools

    Mitre saw, floorboard cutter or other sharp woodcutting tools

  • Rubber mallet

    Rubber mallet or hammer

  • Safety equipment

    Gloves and safety goggles


Plan ahead for best results.


    Budget for the time and cost of your project. There are many types of flooring materials available, each with their own benefits and price points. Plan your board laying direction. It is common practice to install TIER™ flooring boards in the direction that light enters a room. In a corridor, install boards along the length of the room.


    Measure ahead of time, but avoid pre-cutting boards until onsite. Remember to leave 5 mm around the edge of the installation area to account for natural contraction and expansion in the TIER™ flooring boards.


    After determining which direction you prefer to lay your TIER™ product, prepare to install the first line of boards. Consider the entire installation space. Determine any sloping or unevenness in the surface before beginning installation. Leave the necessary expansion gap around the entire perimeter of the installation area.


    As you install your TIER™ flooring, stagger the boards in each line so that gaps between boards fall at different places within each line. This creates a more pleasing look for the installation space as a whole. It also mimics the usual look of indoor wooden flooring.


Preparation is the key to success.


  • Remove any carpet staples, nails, dry cement or glue from the installation surface.

  • Most surfaces are not perfect and TIER™ flooring will follow the shape of the surface on which it is installed.

  • TIER™ flooring will not show minor imperfections because of rigidity provided by the CarbideCore™ centre.

  • Gaps between tiles or minor imperfections in a concrete surface will not be visible.

  • If you suspect that your installation surface may not be flat, use a straightedge to identify high and low points.

  • Clean and dry the installation surface and ensure it provides a good barrier to exterior moisture.

Tier Flooring
Tier Flooring


  • Use a utility knife or laminate floorboard cutter to cut TIER™ boards. Measure then score the profile deeply where needed then simply snap the board along the score line. Be careful of sharp edges when cutting and fitting the profiles.

  • Start by laying in the appropriate corner with full-width boards. The opposite end of the laying area will be cut to fit the remaining space.

  • If your boards have a tongue and groove fit system the bottom groove should face outward from the wall or starting point.

  • Continue down the line of floorboards laying each subsequent floorboard end to end until the opposite edge of the room is reached.

  • The offcut from the last piece of a line may be used to start the beginning of the next line, creating a staggered layout.

  • Wedges can be cut and used to make installation faster and easier.

  • A tapping block or offcut of TIER™ can be used with a mallet to tap boards firmly into place.

  • Use 5 mm spacers around the perimeter of your flooring to allow for expansion and contraction.

  • Apply desired skirting or quarter round to hold your flooring in place and to conceal the expansion gap.

Tier Flooring
Tier Flooring
Tier Flooring
Tier Flooring
Tier Flooring


Before beginning your TIER™ installation, familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of your indoor flooring product. Watch the TIER™ videos to get advice from indoor flooring professionals. Once purchased, be sure to register your products with our online warranty registration.

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