Realities of Renovation

Why bother with the hassle?

Reality renovation shows are anything but real. While it may be entertaining to watch a house transform in a 30-minute episode, most home renovations are far costlier, more time consuming and downright annoying than TV would have you believe. Almost inevitably home renovation causes more dust and more dollars (and more divorces) than expected.

Realities of Renovation

So why bother?

Home renovation may be a disruption to lifestyle and a drain on the budget, but the hope, the goal and sometimes even the end result is to make things better. Renovation should add value to your house and reflect your style. It should make your home feel more like, well, home.

But for some of us, our signature style has yet to be discovered.

Before investing time, money and frustration into home renovation it’s imperative to have a clear picture of how your space should look. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy rooms and overly themed houses. Yet knowing which styles are out there allows you to mix, match and play with them to create a look that’s your own.

Here is a space to inspire your own space. Here is a blog designed to help you design, and created to make your creations pop. We hope you find this a good starting point for formulating your own full-blown renovations or more simple room makeovers.

Even if they take more than 30 minutes to complete.

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