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Style Centre


Whether you are designing for your home or office, we have some tips and tricks that will make your space a success. Your home should reflect your style and your floors play a pivotal role in the look and feel of your indoor space. TIER™ offers a luxury rigid core flooring that is designed to be long-lasting, beautiful and can work as a wall or floor.



Before getting to the nitty gritty design aspects, ask yourself the big questions about your space, such as:
  1. What look and feel are you trying to achieve?

  2. Which feature(s) will be prominent? Is there architecture to accentuate or a view to be admired?

  3. What kind of lighting is there? If natural light will play a role, which direction does it come from?
    Tip: In low light, you will want to brighten up the space.

  4. What will be the prominent colours for your space?
    Tip: Choose one bright colour tone and contrast this with natural shades and monotones using furniture, rugs, artwork and other pieces.

  5. How can your indoor flooring tie the look of the room together?

  6. How much work are you willing to do? Think about long-term maintenance as well as initial investment.
    Tip: Consider lower maintenance and moisture-resistant materials where possible.

  7. Is it you?
    Tip: Your design should let you live in a space you love. Above all else, make sure you are your style’s biggest fan.