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Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims


Our indoor flooring is formulated to give you the best in its class. If at any stage you are unsatisfied with your product, simply follow the below process.

This warranty is limited to the surface wear layer of your TIER indoor flooring product. You can download and read through our warranty document before starting the claim procedure.

The Warranty Claim Process

The claim process must be initiated by the final owner of the installed product, who must also be the owner of the property where the product is installed and the person to whom the original proof of purchase is addressed. If you are not the final owner of the installed product, please assist the final owner to lodge this claim.

3 Steps Involved In The Process

Submit your claim

Submit your claim Please include as much information as possible to support your claim.


We will review your claim, verify the information, or request any other information we need before we can assess your claim.

Warranty outcome

As soon as all the relevant information has been submitted which allows us to make a conclusive assessment on the warranty claim, we will assess the claim against our limited warranty and inform you of the outcome.

Click the button below to start the Warranty process. You will directed out of the TIER website to a the Eva-Last Global Warranty submissions portal.