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Tier Flooring


Discover the true meaning of hassle free flooring. Having pioneered the world of outdoor flooring in Africa, Eva-Last® is now extending their experience and expertise to include a revolutionary new indoor flooring range that offers breakthrough benefits and a class leading warranty.








Rigid core Flooring

Tier Flooring


What does TIER™ flooring offer you as a home or office owner, besides a wonderful surface to walk on? Well click an icon below and find out.


The rigid CarbideCoreTM center layer is an extruded composite of powdered minerals and vinyl. The result is a new mineral polymer composite material which is extremely rigid. The benefit to you is that TIER™ flooring has a mixture of the characteristics of a ceramic tile and a vinyl floor.


The core layer can tolerate temperatures of up to 80oC (176oF) without any adverse effects. This means that when one part of your floor is exposed to direct sunlight and the other part is in shade; there are no differences in how the two areas behave. The benefit to you is that you will never see warping, bending or buckling – even in areas with extreme sunlight.


The mineral component of the core makes it stable, like a stone. It will not change shape or size under different temperature and moisture conditions, and it will not react with typical household chemicals. This stability allows you to install TIER™ flooring without expansion gaps on areas up to 40 0 m² even between adjacent rooms. The benefit to you is that TIER™ will remain a barefoot friendly surface.


The materials which make up the layers of TIER™ flooring are highly resistant to moisture absorption. The precision of TIER™ flooring means the click joint system forms a snug, water-tight fit. The benefit to you is that TIER™ flooring will not allow a mess or spill to penetrate beneath your flooring and will not absorb water, swell or buckle.


The core layer is an innovative material which can be machined to exact standards. The reliability of this new material means that the shape and size of these precise parts remain consistent. The benefit to you is that TIER™ flooring is easy to install. The edges will not wear away against each other or deform over time.


The CarbideCore™ is a mineral-vinyl composite free of any glues, meaning it will not emit a volatile organic compound (VOC) into your home or office. When adding the foamed base and the surface wear layer, only VOC-free adhesives are used. The benefit to you is a safe, healthy environment and peace of mind that TIER™ flooring brings no dangerous chemicals into your home and work environment.


TIER™ flooring can be installed as a floor or glued onto a wall, similar to a ceramic tile. Flexible adhesives are recommended for wall applications. The benefit to you is that no preparation is required for floor or wall applications, other than ensuring that the surface is dry, flat and clear of debris.


The foam underlay of the TIER™ indoor floorboard is coated using a unique antimicrobial additive. This prevents the growth of a wide range of unwanted microorganisms. The benefit to you is a fresh, clean and protected surface.

Tier Flooring

Safe and environmentally responsible

TIER™ does contain

Rigid CarbideCore™ 

Optional foam underlay 

Safe VOC free wear layer

TIER™ does not contain

VOC (Volatile organic compounds) 

Any harmful chemicals 


  • Tier Flooring
    Made with solar energy

    TIER™ flooring is manufactured using solar power and greatly decreases our overall carbon emissions. This benefit to the environment offers real peace of mind for our customers.

  • Tier Flooring
    High fire resistance rating

    TIER™ flooring has the highest fire resistance rating possible in its class, making it a safer and more reliable product for your home. Comprehensive fire reaction data is available for your fire engineer upon request.

Go green

What is the best flooring for kids?

There are several excellent flooring options for kids. Since safety is a primary concern, choose flooring that does not need harmful chemicals or VOCs for upkeep. Carpet offers the softest surface, but high quality vinyl and laminate offer moisture and insect-resistance to help minimise maintenance and ensure the long-term integrity of your flooring.

TIER™ luxury rigid core flooring offers these and other safety benefits for kids, and with low-maintenance requirements for parents.


Ready for more? Here’s everything you might want to know about TIER™, from how it’s made to where to buy it. Get expert advise on installation and learn how “low” our “low-maintenance” goes. Oh, and just in case you still have questions, feel free to contact a TIER™ expert directly.

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