TIER™ lets you enjoy your home. Homeowners like you love the long-lasting durability and low-maintenance TIER™ offers. They’re finding life better when they can relax instead of working to maintain their floors, and when they can have peace of mind knowing their flooring is eco-friendly and backed by a multi-decade warranty. But don’t take our word for it. Find out what real TIER™ owners have to say below.

Tier Flooring


  • Tina Wilson Lee

    Homeowner, Sydney, Australia

    I love, love, love my new TIER™ floor and I’m very happy with my choice of colour! They look absolutely stunning and I love how easy they are to keep clean. They make my whole house feel newer.

  • Dianna Shirley

    Homeowner, Cape Town, South Africa

    My family includes three small dogs so I needed floors that would be resistant to their scratches and special needs. TIER™ was the best solution for moisture resistance and we could get the look and feel we wanted.

  • Clair Smith

    Interior decorator, Cape Town, South Africa

    TIER™ has supplied my business with a quality and affordable flooring product and they have offered my team training and instructions on the installation of their products. This allows me to confidently work with and help to promote these great new age materials.  

  • Tim Dillons

    Homeowner, Perth, Australia

    I complete a DIY installation with TIER™ and found it quite easy to install, a good option for homeowners looking for a DIY project. I love the product, great doing business with you!

  • Tina Lewandowski

    Homeowner, Durban

    I love, love, love my new TIER floors! They look absolutely stunning and I love how easy they are to keep clean. They make my whole house better.

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TIER™ flooring



FloorScore® is the world’s top accreditor for indoor air quality (IAQ) for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives and underlayments. TIER™ indoor flooring has been recognised and accredited by FloorScore® for its superior IAQ. With TIER™ you know your home flooring is as clean and safe as possible.



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